Signature Strategies is a marketing and social media consultancy based in Brisbane, and headed by Dominique Cassidy. We specialise in producing a strategy that is unique to your business and then bringing that strategy to life through innovative and engaging creative solutions.

We look at your company’s objectives, your target market and your unique selling proposition (USP) to determine the right strategy to get you noticed and get you the leads you need. We take care of your brand in the digital realm with digital strategies, social campaigns, and email marketing. With a hand picked crew of strategists, designers and web developers we develop and deliver solutions and effective marketing tactics matched to the profile and habits of your target market to ensure your company objectives are met and exceeded. We will set you apart and will lay the platform for significant brand awareness, company growth, and future success.


Social Media

Don’t really understand social media but know that your business should be using it? Want to connect with your potential customers on social media? Want your customers to engage, discuss and connect with your business? It all starts with a solid strategy & plan. We will work with you to develop a strategy that suits your needs.


Marketing Planning & Management

Every single one of our marketing campaigns is strategic. That means we dedicate time to consider all elements before we recommend a tactical approach.
We conduct comprehensive research to understand your market and competitors, your target audience, and your background, to achieve the desired, significant, and measurable results for your future.


Digital Marketing

Being effective online is a complex task in the crowded arena of online marketing. You need a strategy that speaks to the right people, at the right time, in the right place.
Having a specific strategy for your online activities will help your business grow in the ever-changing online world.


Etc. Etc.

A complete, outsourced marketing consultancy offering all the services traditionally managed in-house. We maintain strategic alliances with digital, creative, PR and print professionals to deliver a full service capability. This approach is particularly effective when working with start-ups and/or project-based arrangements.


Oktoberfest Brisbane 2013

May 2013 – November 2013

Oktoberfest Brisbane is an annual cultural event hosted by two Australian-German families that welcomes people of all ages to experience German culture and a taste of Bavarian life. The organisers were keen to continue to grow Oktoberfest Brisbane, needing to increase attendance at the event

While an increase in numbers was paramount, so too was the continuing promotion of the authenticity of the event’s Bavarian/Germanic roots; including everything from the food and beverages to the setting and props. The aim was to increase attendance on the family days (being the Sundays) and broaden the reach of the event to include families with children especially.

Tasks for Signature Strategies:

  • The social media strategy, community management and eNews
  • The Facebook and adwords advertising

The campaign and event was a great success. Social media proved to be a useful tool for brand awareness, website referrals and user engagement. Instagram (introduced in July) performed exceptionally well and by the end of the event had over 250 followers. Competitions were run primarily on Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement and encourage social sharing amongst friends. Facebook continued to be the best for website referrals and Instagram grew in followers at the highest rate.

Tile Wizards

Tile Wizards

Tile Wizards has ten stores across Queensland and South Australia. Signature Strategies contributed to the Integrated marketing campaign comprising of SEO, SEM, advertising (radio and television), direct mail, street activations by 97.3FM, social media management and content generation. This project started in June 2013 and is ongoing with management of digital marketing, social media and content writing. We have achieved a great result (an increase in website traffic, voucher form collection online and general enquiry to the stores) using content marketing especially based on specific products and user guides, and digital advertising including display ads, PPC and remarking.

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Oktoberfest Brisbane
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Tile Wizards
I would like to recommend Dominique Cassidy to anyone seeking her professional services. We have engaged Dominique to assist with our social media requirement and I can say without hesitation that Dominique has been exceptional. She is knowledgeable without being arrogant, has a tremendous work ethic and has always been professional in her approach.
Graham Burns
Chief Executive Officer, Basketball Queensland
Dominique is one of the most effervescent and passionate marketers I have ever worked with and an invaluable contact for all things social media and management-related. She approaches every potential campaign with contagious enthusiasm, superb creativity and all-important joined up thinking as to how it will be executed, measured and honed to perfection. To use a cliché, Dominique has her finger on the pulse of social media and I defy anyone to present a social media objective to which Dominique cannot add value. She has a warm and approachable personality and is very adept at communicating the most 'techy' of topics in layman's terms.
Philip Kozis
Owner & Director of digitalpop
Dominique is wonderful. She is a joy and pleasure to work with. Her quick and insightful perception of what is right, and wrong, and which way to go and how, makes it really simple to do a great job for her. She is an absolute asset to my business, and we work with her on some large clients. It's excellent to have a strategy set up, but it is even better when it is implemented really well and it works for all parties involved.
Mark Tull
Owner, Website Essentials
Dominique is always very happy, organised, detailed, efficient and a pleasure to work with. On the last big project we worked on, Dominique's presence helped balance and keep the large group involved in the project calm, during a stressful campaign.
Greg Weatherall
Owner, Motion Media & Platinum Drones
Dominique is undoubtedly one of the most professional, thorough and hard working individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. She is vibrant, enthusiastic, and somebody who continually strives for clever and creative ways to enhance her client's value for money, whilst always looking to deliver a more effective service offering. A great asset to any company lucky enough to employ her.
Adrian Veivers
Senior Designer at Marketplace Communications
Dominique is a focused, positive support to work alongside. She has implemented extremely effective solutions within our new campaign. I would recommend Dominique to anyone wanting a new and fresh approach within their marketing strategy.
Ash Thompson
Marketing and Design Manager at The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
Dominique is one of the most reliable and dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She has provided marketing assistance to the Australian Institute of Personal Trainer for over 11 months and is still brought on to help with projects. Dominique’s work is A-class and she has an eye for detail and the ability to grasp the required concepts quickly to then translate those concepts into themes, documents and overall campaigns. Dominique’s know-how with online, print and social media contributes to her overall skills and she has brought a new, modern perspective to our business and marketing approach. She is a clear thinker and not afraid to challenge the status quo in order to look for a better way to do things
Adam Jacobs
Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
Dominique has an exceptional understanding of the differing, ever-changing social media platforms and how to effectively combine these individual platforms into one integrated social media concept. It was a pleasure working with Dominique during the lead-up and over the course of Oktoberfest Brisbane 2013.
Oktoberfest Brisbane
Louise Moeller
Oktoberfest Brisbane



We demystify the jargon, simplify the proposal and explain the detail.


Successful strategy needs continual iteration and being upfront from the outset often sees clients become partners.


You are kept abreast of progress, challenges and results.


We have a team of the finest strategists, marketers and content editors. And remember, we only look good when you look good.


A well thought out strategy and comprehensive implementation are the key differentiators in a highly competitive market place and imperative to achieve maximum return on investment.


We maintain strategic alliances with digital and creative providers to deliver a full service capability.



Dominique has a wealth of knowledge in digital and social media, to bring your company a fresh, highly targeted and measurable strategic approach.

As a skilled copywriter for optimised content marketing, Dominique is able to manage a fully integrated social media campaign across all platforms and she is highly skilled at writing for the web ensuring that your brand’s digital strategy and SEO needs are considered at all times. Dominique is a seasoned marketing specialist with experience in both the traditional and digital marketing spheres. Experienced in working with clients to deliver effective marketing communications that meet business objectives and skilled at delivering effective and modern communication strategies to drive innovation, genuine engagement and loyal relationships with stakeholders, Dominique provides marketing solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

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Understanding Your Competitors

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